DIY Poured Candle

diy candles
Happy Monday friends! I have another DIY for you. But first, hop on over to AP's home and check out all the other Pinterest projects for her weekly link-up!
I have seen DIY teacup candles all over Pinterest. I bet you can do the same with little bowls and cups like ones I collect from Anthropologie, on sale. I also had a candle making kit from Michaels (using a 50% off coupon of course) and it has been sitting in my closet for a month. You can also buy this one on Amazon.
1. Fill a pitcher with wax. I heated mine right on the stovetop—low and slow, stir until the wax melts. Add a fragrance. These came with my kit but you can also use inexpensive white candlesticks chopped up into little pieces. Fragrance oils can be found online, Michaels, and Whole Foods.
2. Pour HOT wax into your cups or bowls of your choice.
3. Insert wick after 5 minutes of cooling. Center and steady wick in place with skewers, pencils, or chopsticks.
cut candle
4. Cut wick to desired length when dry. Drying took at least 3 hours.
light candle
5. Light your new candle!


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